Signature Framework Creator

Create your signature framework to explain your value delivery process.

Signature Framework Visualization Ideas

Ideate a powerful key visual to let the audience easily understand your framework.

Linchpin Value Ladder Idea Generator

Create offer ideas for each step of the Linchpin framework’s value ladder

Power Offer Creator

Create a powerful offer pitch following Joel Erway’s power offer formula

Offer Stack Creator

Create a powerful offer stack with irresistable bonus ideas to sell your product or service.

Funnel Hub Content Evaluator

Evaluate how the homepage content of your website complies with the funnel hub formula.

Funnel Hub Content Writer

Write homepage content for a website based on the funnel hub formula,

Ad Copy Hacker

Reuse the format of a popular ad example to create an ad for your own business.

Social Media Post Hook Writer

Create powerful, curiosity-driven hooks for your social media posts.

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